Dear friend,

Thank you once again for signing the Bristol Children’s Charter. We are so proud that Bristol is one of the first cities in the world to come together and put children at the heart of all we do.

Whilst the development of the Children’s Charter has been led by Bristol City Council until this point, it is important to remember that we need a whole city approach to ensure the success of the aims of the charter and that is why I am so delighted to see the vast array of businesses, charities, organisations and statutory authorities that have come forward to sign the charter so far.

Our charter is unashamedly ambitious. We want to focus on the rights of all our children to be safe, free from abuse and living in homes that are warm and safe. And we want all our children to be well fed and living healthy and active lives. These are the basic rights that all children should have, yet in a complex city like Bristol it will take hard work, resources and collaboration to realise these ambitions. Inequality means that not all children currently access the best of Bristol, our cultural offer is vast and exciting but for too many children a day at the museum, a concert or watching your sporting team feels too far away. We also want to secure the future for our children, we need them to be digitally literate; using and understanding technology to help them thrive and with the tools they need to excel in our global community.

The Children’s Charter makes it clear that Bristol values its children. As the city continues to grow and develop we want place makers to put children at the heart of their plans and initiatives and for our infrastructure to work for all.

This is the beginning of our collaboration; together we will live the values of the charter and share our successes, challenges and ambitions. We are launching social media channels across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, enabling us to form a network of ideas. We also will be launching our blog and are keen to hear from partners and signatories about the work that they have been doing to promote the values of the charter in Bristol. Please contact childrens.charter@bristol.gov.uk with your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you once again on behalf of Bristol’s children,

Mayor Marvin Rees and Cllr. Helen Godwin

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